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Moving to India

Moving back to India needs to be well thought out process where one takes into account several aspects involved. There is lifestyle issues, schools, family and support networks, work culture and employment opportunities, what can be taken and how, adjustment of children with respect to friends and subjects incl. local languages like Hindi or Telugu, etc.

Legal Issues

There are various Legal aspects which need to be looked into while deciding on moving back to India which include visa regulations, dual citizenship, PIO card, what can be got and how the procedure involved, financial apects are also involved and much more.

Useful Links

Links to information regarding various aspects involved with moving back to India. These include - insurance - health, travel, general, etc. Legalities involved, Financial considerations and issues, News and updates about India.

Know India

Know India - Here information about various facets about India is provided. This includes Tourism, Freedom Fighters, Indian Flag, Anthem, Emblem, Constitution, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Famous Indians, Astrology, National Bird, National Animal, National Flower, National Fruit, National Tree, Transport and much more ...

NRI Web Channel

Here users can view the latest news going on India. Web Channels include news, sports, religious, movies and many more. These are available in multiple languages to suit the tastes of the cross section of audiences around the world from various parts of India.

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